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One Tightly Integrated Platform That Automates, Bids, Offers, Schedules, Settles, & Invoices Across All North American Power Markets. 

                        Has Delivered Over 54,000 Hours Of Measured Efficiency
Improvements Across All Hartigen Customers 


Hartigen is a strategic partner to some of the largest, multi-market energy companies in North America.  Below are some of the key                     customers that utilized                      daily to streamline their day-ahead, real-time and settlement business processes.  These customers appreciate the exceptional support and customer service that is part of Hartigen’s DNA.  Hartigen customers comprise a diverse cross section of power market segments including Utilities, Service Providers, Public Power Entities, Cooperatives, Retailers, Traders & Government Agencies.

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What Customers Say About Hartigen


Chris Haas | Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer | ACES Power

"ACES considers Hartigen a key partner in helping ACES fulfill its mission to help our Members and Customers manage their energy cost and risk more efficiently.  ACES selected PowerOptix® because it provides the robust features and performance ACES needs to manage our large and complex portfolios. What sets Hartigen apart is their exceptional customer service as well as their ability to listen and implement the enhancements we need."

ACES is a Nationwide Energy Management Company that manages 50,000+ MWs of peak generation and 50,000 MW of peak load.  ACES is owned by 21 members and has over 50 customers.  ACES utilizes PowerOptix® Midwest, PJM, ERCOT, SPP, New York & CAISO EIM.  ACES has been a PowerOptix® customer since 2014.

Jerry Willman | Assistant Vice President of Energy Marketing | AMP
"As a member of TEA, AMP was familiar with PowerOptix® and its robust capabilities to support PJM & Midwest.  AMP needed to replace and end-of-life trading system and we decided to partner with Hartigen deliver the new trading system we needed.  Hartigen excelled at understanding our business requirements and delivered a much improved Trade Capture & Trade Allocation system in less than 6 months.  AMP executes over 600 physical and financial trades a day on behalf of our members and PowerOptix® automates the allocation of trades for jointly owned assets as well as automates the creation of the PJM & MISO schedules from the trades.  The PowerOptix® Trade Capture & Trade Allocation system delivered more than an hour per day in efficiency gain."

AMP is a nonprofit corporation that owns and operates electric facilities with the purpose of providing generation, transmission and distribution of electric power and energy to its 135 members.  AMP operates over 1,300 MWs including hydro, solar, landfill gas, wind & combined cycle.  AMP utilizes PowerOptix® PJM, Midwest & Trade Capture & Trade Allocation.  AMP has been a PowerOptix® software & hosting customer since 2014.


Robin Frost | Market Analytics & Systems Manager (GDPM) | Black Hills Energy
"The Hartigen implementation team I worked closely with was exceptional and led the transformation of our business processes and delivered a superior Bilateral Market platform.  Our previous system had several functionality gaps that required extensive manual work-arounds.  The PowerOptix® platform eliminated these work-arounds, displaced the need for several custom applications and automated & standardized our dispatch & margin capabilities.  We look forward to leveraging PowerOptix® and Hartigen’s expertise to support our entry into the CAISO EIM market."

Black Hills is a diversified utility that provides transmission services and operates generation assets in Wyoming, Colorado & South Dakota.  Black Hills operates over 1,000 MW of generation to serve their native load. Hartigen was originally selected to help Black Hills support the transition to SPP's Mountain West Market Expansion, but transitioned to PowerOptix® Bilateral Market implementation for both the Generation (GDPM) and Transmission business units.  Black Hills utilizes PowerOptix® Trading, Tagging, Unit Commitment Optimization, Energy Account, Meter Data Management, Tariff Billing, Power Billing, Position Management & Margining.  Black Hills has been a PowerOptix® customer since 2018.


Rory Caster | Senior Director of Dispatch | CPower
"Hartigen’s technology played a very important role in maintaining and growing CPower’s presence in the ERCOT market.  PowerOptix®, hosted by Hartigen, deliver's the performance and automation CPower needs to optimize our customer's load resource portfolios, deliver reports, and verify settlements. Hartigen provides exceptional, around-the-clock support. Its people understand the industry they work as well as they understand their excellent software."  

CPower is a demand side energy management company serving commercial and industrial customers in ERCOT and nationwide.  CPower utilizes PowerOptix® ERCOT to offer, schedule, dispatch and settle a portfolio of over 70 Load Resources.  CPower has been a PowerOptix® software & hosting customer since 2015.


Jay Moore | Desk Head | EDF
"I worked closely with Hartigen during the implementation of PowerOptix® across all or our US operations. PowerOptix® provides the automation, ease of integration, performance, accuracy and scalability to support our growing business and large market portfolios.  PowerOptix® is the engine that drives our day-ahead, real-time, settlements, portfolio management & customer invoicing.  Hartigen delivers what they promise and provides EDF with exceptional support."

EDF provides a wide range of services, including power and natural gas supply, renewable products, energy portfolio optimization, energy management services and structured solutions, to customers across North America.  EDF utilizes PowerOptix® ERCOT, PJM, California, New York, New England, Midwest, SPP & Contract & Invoice Management.  EDF has been a PowerOptix® customer since 2017.


Sean McClure | Vice President of Information Technology | ENGIE
"PowerOptix® provides significant value to Engie's wholesale & retail business operations and settlements.  What sets Hartigen and PowerOptix® apart is their architecture, ease of integration, flexibility and commitment to customer service.  Hartigen helped us to automate manual processes and improve our capabilities while lowering our operating costs."

ENGIE North America is a power generator, energy services company and retail electricity supplier committed to shaping a more sustainable future throughout the United States and Canada.  ENGIE serves over 130,000 retail customers across 13 states and operates a generation portfolio of over 1,500 MWs. ENGIE utilizes PowerOptix® PJM, ERCOT, Midwest, New England, New York, SPP & Data Analytics (Cube). ENGIE has been a PowerOptix® software & hosting customer since 2017.


Andrew Spankuch | Commercial Director | Freeport LNG
"Hartigen delivered a complete and configurable solution that automates the creation of settlement allocations for a complex commercial arrangement Freeport has in place between multiple owners and customers.  The PowerOptix® Calculation Engine provides the flexibility and transparency Freeport LNG needed to automatically produce settlement allocations for daily reporting to our stakeholders.  At the same time, Freeport LNG is able to evolve the configuration to address our evolving needs."

Freeport LNG owns and operates liquefied natural gas (LNG)  facilities to support the import and export of LNG.  Freeport utilizes PowerOptix® ERCOT, Meter Data Management & Settlement Allocation. Freeport LNG has been a PowerOptix® software & hosting customer since 2018.

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Christine Schmitt | Senior Director of Market Services & Business Controls | NYPA
"Hartigen has delivered services to NYPA across multiple areas of our business.  PowerOptix® was able to perform the work of multiple custom applications and manual work-arounds reducing NYPA's operating costs.  Hartigen efficiently implemented PowerOptix® to manage generation operations, load bidding & scheduling, metering and settlements.  Hartigen is currently helping NYPA transform and automate our complex ICAP/UCAP interval data management, validation and reporting processes."

NYPA provides its New York customers with low-cost, clean, reliable power and the innovative energy infrastructure.  NYPA utilizes PowerOptix® New York and Meter & Capacity Data Management.  NYPA has been a PowerOptix® customer since 2017.


Melie Vincent | Director of Operations | OMPA
"Our implementation experience with Hartigen was excellent.  Hartigen's team provided expertise and best practices that increased the value we get from PowerOptix®.  PowerOptix® allowed us to automate processes that were manually intensive and provided more functionality than our previous system for bid and offer automation, PnL and operational reporting.  Hartigen's 24x7 support team is knowledgeable and very responsive to our needs."

OMPA provides reliable and affordable supply of power to over 40 municipally owned electric systems. OMPA manages a generation portfolio with over 20 resources including hydro, wind, coal, lignite & gas.  OMPA currently utilizes PowerOptix® SPP, Tagging, Meter Data Management & Data Analytics (Cube). OMPA has been a PowerOptix® software & hosting customer since 2019.


Clif Lange | Manager of Wholesale Marketing / QSE | STEC
"We have been very happy with PowerOptix® and the service we receive from Hartigen.  PowerOptix® is a very flexible platform that address the nuances of the ERCOT market.  Hartigen's hosting service has been very reliable and supports our 24x7 operations.”

STEC is a generation & transmission cooperative that servers 8 member cooperatives in the ERCOT market.  STEC manages 1,800 MWs of generation capacity including wind, lignite, gas, combined-cycle, diesel fuel, and hydroelectric.  STEC utilizes PowerOptix® ERCOT.  STEC has been a PowerOptix® software & hosting customer since 2019.


Kevin Braun | Supervisor, Application Development | Talen Energy
"I was part of the original implementation back in 2013 and have worked closely with Hartigen as part of Talen Energy.  Hartigen brings deep expertise and a commitment to delivering value to our business.  Having developed a majority of the interfaces between PowerOptix® and our SCADA, ETRM, forecasting and accounting systems, I can say that the PowerOptix® RESTful API makes integration easy.  Anything you can do in the user interface, you can do through the RESTful API architecture."

Talen Energy is an independent power generation infrastructure company that operates 14,000 MW of generation.  PPL Energy Plus which became Talen Energy has been a PowerOptix® customer since 2013. Talen currently utilizes PowerOptix® PJM, New England, New York & ERCOT.


Thomas Harvey | Chief Information Officer | The Energy Authority
"Hartigen has been a strategic partner for TEA that has delivered over 9,000 hours of annual efficiency gains across TEA's nation-wide portfolio of public power customers, many of which utilize PowerOptix® directly.  PowerOptix® provides the flexibility and automation capabilities TEA needs to evolve and scale to meet the changing needs of our owners and members.  Hartigen has hosted PowerOptix® for over 8 years and has provided TEA with excellent performance, up-time and customer service."

TEA is a public power-owned national portfolio management company that services over 50 public power owners and partners.  TEA managers over 30,000 MW of peak generation and 24,000 MW of peak demand TEA utilizes PowerOptix® PJM, MISO, SPP, CAISO & TagOptix.  TEA has been a PowerOptix® software & hosting customer since 2012.


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