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Configurable Workflow Automation

                      allows customers to define their own data inputs, pull in data from other systems, easily configure formulas & strategies and configure automation workflow.  This is how Hartigen delivers increased efficiency through automation.

                                  offers an unprecedented level of flexibility with configurable windows to change data presentation, ability to define formulas, execute strategies, automate workflow & configure reports. Hartigen’s architecture is so advanced that it received a US Patent titled “Integrated Software Development and Deployment Architecture and High Availability Client-Server System Generated Using the Architecture” (9817657B2).

PowerOptix Pyramid - 11-28-2023.jpg

Advanced Architecture

All                  screens, features & data can be accessed through an open RESTful API architecture.  A complete data dictionary is provided on all                   windows.  Out-of-the-box integration to multiple 3rd party systems is supported for Tableau, PowerBI, OSI PI (historian), MV-90, PRT, 3Tier, WSI, NOAA & Accuweather. Hartigen has extensive experience integrating with other systems including OpenLink, Allegro, Aligne, Encompass, OSI Monarch as well as in-house applications for data warehousing, forecasting & reporting.  

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