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EDF: PowerOptix® ERCOT, PJM, California, New York, New England, Midwest, SPP, Ontario, Alberta, MDM & Contract Management & Invoicing


EDF selected PowerOptix® ERCOT, PJM, California, New York, New England, Midwest, SPP, Ontario and Alberta after an extensive evaluation process.  PowerOptix® is being utilized in production for all the US markets.  After realizing the value of PowerOptix®, EDF implemented and is live with Meter Data Management & Contract Management & Invoicing.

Constellation: PowerOptix® ERCOT, PJM, New York, Alberta & SPP


Constellation went live in August 2015 with SaaS deployed PowerOptix® PJM to automate the creation of generation offers for over 100 units, streamline bids to support large load portfolio and to provide automated notifications, dashboards and reports to manage their business by exception.  Constellation is in production for PowerOptix®  ERCOT, New York, Alberta & SPP and will be expanding to all other markets over the next several months.

The Energy Authority (TEA): PowerOptix® Midwest, PJM, SPP, California & ERCOT


TEA successfully rolled out PowerOptix® Midwest via SaaS deployment to their first customer in March 2015.  The roll-out to all 13 MISO customers was completed in December 2015.  The objective was to streamline 14 business processes and achieve 1,500 hours of annual savings.  TEA's quantified the actual benefit resulting in 21 business process improvements and 6,000 hours of annual savings.  According to TEA, much of the saved time derived from PowerOptix® Midwest.  TEA also utilizes PowerOptix® for PJM, SPP, California and ERCOT.

ACES Power Marketing: PowerOptix® Midwest, PJM, ERCOT, SPP & California


ACES selected PowerOptix® Midwest, PJM, ERCOT, SPP and California after an extensive evaluation process.  PowerOptix® Midwest went into production for 29 MISO portfolios in early 2016.  PowerOptix® PJM went into production in 

Benefits derived from PowerOptix® will be calculated following the go-live with the last portfolio.  The implementation of PowerOptix® PJM is scheduled to start in May 2016.

Engie: PowerOptix® PJM, ERCOT, SPP, New York & New England


Engie selected PowerOptix® PJM, ERCOT, SPP, New York & New England after an extensive evaluation process.  Both PowerOptix® PJM and ERCOT are in production.  Hartigen is in the process of implementing the remaining markets.  To accelerate the expansion of their EMA business, Engie commissioned Hartigen to develop their customer portal utilizing Hartigen's architecture.

New York Power Authority (NYPA): PowerOptix® New York

NYPA selected PowerOptix® New York after an extensive evaluation process.  NYPA is in production for scheduling all of their load bidding and scheduling.  Hartigen is in the process of implementing automation for forecasting, generation bidding, capacity management & meter data management.

Black Hill: PowerOptix® Bilateral Markets & Meter Data Management (MDM)


Black Hills selected PowerOptix® SPP and Meter Data Management after an extensive evaluation process.  Following the announcement that SPP Mountain West is unlikely to proceed, Black Hills elected to move forward with the implementation of PowerOptix® to manage their bilateral market activity and meter data management for transmission, generation and retail.  The go-live is scheduled for the end of 2018.